Google Coordinates: 37.180531,25.550754
Geo Coordinates: 37°10'49.9"N 25°33'02.7"E

How to get here:
Adonis Hotel is located in Apollon, a small, picturesque, seaside, northeastern village of Naxos. It is located 36 km away from the port and the town of Naxos. As a result, by following the coastal road, you need a 50-minute drive to reach Apollon. For thoseof you who wish to discover the hidden treasures of Naxos and get to know the island's beautiful and unique villages, we recommend Apollon as a starting point for your journey!

Apollon Village
If you do not have your own means of transportation, our hotel has a private car, with a capacity of 7 people, which can pick up at the port or airport of Naxos on the day of your arrival, or can get you there on the day of your departure. A car for rent is also available in our hotel. From Naxos Town, you can rent a car or moto. Lastly, you can use the public transport of Naxos (KTEL).

Adonis Hotel's seven-seats car

Apollon's beach:
Apollon is gifted by nature with a magnificent long beach with crystal blue and clear waters. The beach can satisfy all tastes, as it is partly covered by sand and partly by smaller or larger pebbles. It is suitable for families with young children, couples, nature lovers and fishing enthusiasts. The beach is easily accessible by the road. It also has access for people with disabilities, showers and changing rooms. Adonis Hotel is just a 2-minute walk from Apollon Beach. As you can understand, some of our rooms offer views to the unique Aegean Sea!

Apollon's Beach

Apollon's shops:
If you do not choose to eat at Adonis Hotel's restaurant, where we offer lunch and dinner prepared with fresh, organic products from the garden of Adonis, you can choose one of the taverns or cafe-bars-restaurants that operate in Apollon. There are also two tourist shops.

Sights in Apollon:

Summer sunrise
We strongly recommend that you wake up early one morning in order to enjoy the breathtaking sunrise that colors the horizon during the summer months while coming out ofApollon's sea! For nature lovers, we also recommend visiting Apollon's stream, in order to enjoy the flora and fauna of the area.

Apollon's Stream

A very popular and historically significant attraction is the huge, semi-finished statue of the god Dionysus of Ancient Greece, which is called "Kouros". It is made out of Naxian marble and has a length of more than 10 meters. It dates back to the Archaic period (7th-6th century BC) and was abandoned half-finished to the place where ithad once begun to be sculpted, probably due to the large cracks that appeared on the marble. The place where Kouros is located is the ancient quarry of Apollon, one of the two ancient quarries of Naxos. Kouros is just a 10-minute walk from Adonis Hotel. It is also accessible by car from the main road.

The mountain of Apollon, Kalogeros (greek for "Monk"), is a trademark of the village almost as much as the statue of Kouros. It offers unsurpassed view to any who takes the decision to climb to the top. There, apart from the view, you can also admire the ruins of the "castle of Kaloyeros", which operated from the prehistoric times to the Byzantine times and the Turkish domination. A prehistoric tower with cyclopean walls and some of the Byzantine installations (towers, rooms and tanks) are preserved. It takes about an hour to climb from Apollon to the top of Kalogeros.

View from the top of Kalogeros

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